2019 year was our first year planting fields of sunflowers. In all 12 acres were planted. Our neighbor usually annually plants our extensive fields to corn, but with an “experiment” and crop rotation, we got SUNFLOWERS!

Each morning we would check on their progress, first just leafy green 12″ tall stalks to taller green stalks, not anything to write home about. Then came July! The 6′ green soldiers started to reveal hints of yellow bud, closed up tight as a fist. Mid July as the days got warmer and sunnier, more and more yellow could be seen. By August 1 an explosion of color! Yellow petals and light orange centers, “Russian Monmouth” variety to be exact.

We were not the only ones enjoying the showy display. Neighbors, friends and family all came to take a peek. One professional photographer, Debby Stubs from Brunswick had heard about us and ventured out in the field for over 3 hours! We and she took lots of photos. The sunflower’s demise was met in October when our neighbor farmer came to harvest and grind up the plant for silage. We cannot wait until next year’s planting during wedding season.

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